vendredi 26 avril 2013

London my love ♥ (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of my trip to London !

England is truly a beautiful country with a unique culture and extraordinary traditions. I stayed at lady's house with a friend of mine for 2 weeks. The lady cooked us amazing breakfasts and dinners : Toasts and English tea in the morning and homecooked meals for dinners with always (of course!) a nice pudding for dessert. Just ... too good :) (Yes I love food). Anyway, british people are very nice, they are polite, friendly and open minded. Sometimes, I feel like England is a whole other world. Their accent is to die for and their style make me smile. If you just sit for a minute and look at people around you, you'll see so many different styles. Whether it be Punk, Kitch, Chic or Casual, it doesn't seem to bother anybody and this is one of the caracteristics I love most about England... Among a bunch of other things obviously. My love for this contry has no limit :)

  Lots of love, 

mercredi 24 avril 2013

I Love London ♥ (Part 1)

Enjoy !
Lots of love,

Blue Jeans from H&M - Camel bag from New look
Beatles tee shirt from H&M- scarf from Stradivarius

dimanche 21 avril 2013

Birthday Girl !

Sooo, here are some shots from my 17th birthday, in october 2012 ! I wore a wonderful sparkly blue dress that was offered by my mum. I have to say that I had a lot of fun that night :) Even thought parties are great,  I like having an intimate night out with my closest friends and gathering around a good dinner. The restaurant was very cosy and pretty (I have to admit there were a lof of old people haha). But this place is mostly special because my brother works here as a Chief. He made us an amazing diner and I can't thank him enough !The food and the wine were devine. I did had a delicious risotto with parmesan and Saint-Jacques. Did I mention the best ? The Chocolate Cake ? It was specialy made and decorated by my brother :) The people you see on the pictures are ones of my bestest friend, they are always there to crack a joke and make me laugh when I am sad or support me when I have something important going on. Especially my best friend Alexandra, who I know since we were ten! I love her with all of my heart ( I know you're reading Alex ;)) 
Enjoy ! 

Lots of love !

Sequin Navy dress from ASOS - 
Sparkly Bronze shoes from ASOS

jeudi 18 avril 2013

Voyage à Marseille !

Welcome to Marseille guys ! :)
What a better way to relax and enjoy the new warm weather than going away for the week-end ?
This city is two hours from Lyon, it is very pretty and soothing. The song of crickets, the scenary, the shopping place near the port, the beach are espacially great in spring/summer. These are some photos that I took as I was with one of my best friend. The outfit is very simple and there's only one picture, I am sorry :)

Lots of love

Shirt from H&M - Jean Shorts from Newlook
Camel Leather Bag From H&M