dimanche 12 janvier 2014

Inspiration lately.

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From Lookbook.com

Hello My Dears, 
Yes ... It's been a while ! Since I have started university in a new town, I kind of forgot about my blog. Everything was fresh and brand new : New friends, new place, new habbits, new subjects at school... And I didn't had much time left to take pictures of my outfits or put any fashion related stuff on my blog. I have to apologize here ! To you first, and to my old self as well because I know that I used to love blogging and sharing current trends or personal discoveries. So here I am ! Here's a bunch of my outifits inspirations lately. This Autumn/Winter, there's definitely been a trend with sober colours : grey, black, dark blue ... But also with a classic texture : Leather. Being attached to my favorite color : Camel brown, and to soft textures, I was kind of indifferent to the trend at first. But slowly, I started to like these "neutral" outfits on other people and I noticed that I actually looked more chic and simple with a dark outfit. Thus, I dropped my camel bags and boots, my green pants and my beige tops to go for black skinny jeans, grey jumpers, leather skirts and black bags and boots. I hope you get as inspired by those outfits than I was :) None of those pictures belong to me, I have put the sources of them underneath. Here's a little Selfie : 

Have a wonderful week, Lots of love,