dimanche 25 août 2013

Trip to Albania !

  Hello everyone !!
Here are some shots of my trip to Albania. Both my parents are from Tirana, so most of my family is there. I was born in France but going in my parent's country still feels like home to me. Moreover, I speak albaneese so it's easier for me to feel comfortable. Indeed, when you can communicate with people, interact with them, you appreciate the trip ten times more.
Albania is an amazing country, full of breathtaking natural landscapes. The Adriatic Sea offers wonderful moments. You can go to Durres, Vlora, Saranda... which are lovely beaches. Not to mention the incredible history that hides behind this country. The capital city : Tirana, has become very modern and colourful during the past 5 years. The food ... Let me tell you that there is no more natural products than the one you would find in Albania. Farmers come directly in the city to sell their homemade food on the streets of Tirana. Dairies, Meat and olive oil take a big part in Albanian dishes. The funniest thing about Albania is how people hold on to their culture and traditions. Indeed, the Albanian is very proud! But very friendly and welcoming though :) One important thing to know is that it is a fairly poor country, consequently it's not uncommon to come across destroyed streets or abandoned animals here and there. But the country is developping very fast and it is worth the visit, I promise :)

Lots of love

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  2. Great trip and great blog..

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  3. Love the stipe and flower print mix!

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  4. I can't believe, albania è così bella
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  5. It look like you had so much fun! The pictures are beautiful and your outfit look so cute! :D

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  6. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

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  7. Trop jolie ma Patricia <3

  8. Hi dear :) The photos you choose for your last post are so beautiful!!
    Need to say that your blog is a good inspiration :)
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  9. Love the outfit chick, you always take such great photos! Be sure to check out my new blog post if you get the chance to stop by x x

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  10. Ca à l'air trop beau!!!! trop belle photos et j'adore ton look très frais pour l'été!!

    (nouvel article sur mon blog, après un long moment!)


    Pleins de bisous, à très vite

  11. Très belles photos, ça l'air plutôt pas mal !

  12. Love your style and the way you look - super cute.I really like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? Will be glad if you visit my blog
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